Wraith Cosmic Glass V2 Mousepad

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Color: Black
Base: 4 Silicone Feet
Surface: Control

Cosmic Glass, renewed.

Cosmic Glass V2 is a renewed version of the Cosmic Glass that is better in every aspect.

The end result of a 6 month research and development process

Our team has developed the first control glass mousepad in the world back in 2022.

For the last 6 months, we have worked tirelessly to create the manufacturing process for Cosmic Glass V2, which is entirely manufactured in Ankara, Turkiye.

Renewed Box

The improved box is much more durable and easy to use compared to Cosmic Glass V1. You can even use the new box as a carrying case if needed.

Two Different Surface Options

The classic Cosmic Glass surface is now classified as Control. With Cosmic Glass V2, we also offer a completely new surface called Speed. As the name suggests, the new surface is much faster.

A Mousepad That Won't Wear Out

The glass surface of Cosmic Glass doesn't have fibers that can get worn out over time. The performance of the surface doesn't degrade over time.

Base Options

Molded Silicone

Flat Rubber

4 Silicone Feet

Color Options



Japan Edition "The Flick" (Limited Edition)



450x450 (mm)


4 (mm)




Hardened Glass

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